All anthologies listed below are designed and edited by Michael Bailey, and published independently by Written Backwards, an imprint of Dark Regions Press, unless specified otherwise.

full cover

You, Human – $22.95 (fiction; poetry; 430 pages; illustrations by L.A. Spooner & Orion Zangara, introduction by F. Paul Wilson, cover artwork by George C. Cotronis). Published by Dark Regions Press.

Bram Stoker Award winning editor Michael Bailey brings sci-fi back to Dark Regions Press with heart in this genre-bending anthology of dark science fiction and poetry: You, Human. With fiction illustrated beautifully throughout by world-renowned artist L.A. Spooner, with poetry and spot illustrations supplied by the always-impressive Orion Zangara, and with an incredible introduction on humanism by New York Times bestselling author F. Paul Wilson, You, Human is a triumphant return to science fiction for Dark Regions Press, initiating the new Dark Regions Sci-Fi imprint as book #1.



  • Robot – Mort Castle
  • It Can Walk and Talk, and You’ll Never Have to Worry About Housework Again – Dyer Wilk
  • Keepsakes – Hal Bodner
  • The Cosmic Fair – Darren Speegle
  • Unity of Affect – Jason V Brock
  • 101 Things to Do Before You’re Downloaded – Scott Edelman (novelette)
  • The Star-Filled Sea is Smooth Tonight – Thomas F. Monteleone
  • Hopium Den – John Skipp
  • Dog at the Look – B.E. Scully
  • Executive Functions – Lucy A. Snyder
  • Pink Crane Girls – Autumn Christian
  • The Cause – Laura Lee Bahr
  • Ditch Treasures – Richard Chizmar
  • I Am the Doorway – Stephen King
  • The Immigrants – Erik T. Johnson
  • Key to the City – Cody Goodfellow
  • The Pretty Puppets – Marc Levinthal
  • The Goldilocks Zone – John R. Little
  • The Jupiter Drop – Josh Malerman (novellete)
  • The Universe is Dying – Paul Michael Anderson
  • Fallen Faces by the Wayside – Gary A. Braunbeck
  • What Goes Up Must Come Down – Janet Harriett
  • Gumi-Bear – Erinn L. Kemper
  • The Fourth Law – Marge Simon


  • In Accordance with the Laws – Marge Simon
  • Less than Human – Marge Simon
  • Future Imperfect: Broken Laws – Marge Simon


  • Superior Achievement in Long Fiction / Bram Stoker Awards ® – Nomination:
    “The Jupitor Drop” by Josh Malerman
  • Rhysling Award (SFPA): – Nomination: “Less than Human” by Marge Simon


Chiral Mad 3 – $21.95 (fiction/poetry; 400 pages; illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne, introduction by Chuck Palahniuk).

An anthology of fiction and poetry by some of the darkest voices in contemporary literature, featuring illustrations throughout by Glenn Chadbourne, and an introduction by Chuck Palahniuk.



  • The Poetry of Life – Richard Chizmar
  • The Last Rung on the Ladder – Stephen King
  • A Rift in Reflection – Hal Bodner
  • Windows, Mirrors, Doors – Jason V Brock
  • Prayer – Mort Castle
  • The Agonizing Guilt of Relief (Last Days of a Ready-Made Victim) – Paul Michael Anderson (novelette)
  • The Black Crow of Boddinstraße – Emily B. Cataneo
  • A Flash of Red – Erinn L. Kemper
  • Red Runner vs. The Surgeon, Issue 18 – Jessica May Lin
  • The Dead Collection – Mercedes M. Yardley
  • Watch Me – Meghan Arcuri
  • The Bigger Bedroom – Josh Malerman
  • That Perilous Stuff – Scott Edelman (novelette)
  • Know Your Code – Ramsey Campbell
  • 3-Dot People – Gene O’Neill
  • Silver Thread, Hammer Ring – Gary A. Braunbeck
  • The Offering on the Hill – Richard Thomas
  • Those Who Watch from on High – Eric J. Guignard
  • Blood Dust – Max Booth III
  • The Whipping Girls – Damien Angelica Walters
  • Seconds – Jack Ketchum


  • Fair – P. Gardner Goldsmith
  • Fail Safe – Jonathan Balog
  • Folie à  Deux – Sydney Leigh
  • Reflecting on Reflections – Bruce Boston
  • Mirror Image – Marge Simon
  • Black River #1 – Elizabeth Massie
  • Prescience – Rose Blackthorn
  • The Speed of Sound – Ciarán Parkes
  • Welcome Home, Darling – Stephanie M. Wytovich
  • Whisper #1 (A Warning) – Erik T. Johnson
  • Whisper #2 (A Prophecy) – Erik T. Johnson
  • Put Me to Dream – Stephanie M. Wytovich
  • Recognizing Trees – Ciarán Parkes
  • Arbitration – Rose Blackthorn
  • Black River #2 – Elizabeth Massie
  • Reflection Through the Raven’s Eye – Marge Simon
  • Beyond Symmetry – Bruce Boston
  • Folie à Plusieurs – Sydney Leigh
  • Insomnia in Reverse – Jonathan Balog
  • Promise – P. Gardner Goldsmith


  • Superior Achievement in an Anthology / Bram Stoker Awards ® – Nomination
  • Superior Achievement in Short Fiction / Bram Stoker Awards ® – Nomination:
    “A Rift in Reflection” by Hal Bodner
  • ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year, Finalist – Anthologies

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The Library of the Dead – $14.95 (fiction; 334 pages; illustrations by gak, introduction by Norman Partridge, afterword by Mary SanGiovanni, photography and interconnecting tale “The Librarian” by Michael Bailey).

An anthology of literary fiction inspired by Chapel of the Chimes, a crematory and columbarium founded in 1909 in Oakland, California, and one of the area’s most beautiful historic buildings. Thousands are entombed in golden books (urns) shelved from floor to ceiling in a glowing labyrinth of nearly countless rooms. The stories within The Library of the Dead represent a few of those golden books, and when opened, reveal the stories of those inside.

Illustrated throughout by GAK, dedicated to J.F. Gonzalez, and with an interwoven narrative by Michael Bailey called “The Librarian.”


  • Special Collections – Norman Partridge (novelette)
  • Those Who Shall Never Be Named – Yvonne Navarro
  • The Last Things to Go – Mary SanGiovanni & Brian Keene
  • A Raven in the Dove’s Nest – Roberta Lannes
  • I’m Not There – Kealan Patrick Burke
  • A Chimera’s Tale – Chris Marrs
  • I’m Getting Closer – J.F. Gonzalez
  • Reliving Through Better Chemistry – Weston Ochse
  • Cthylla – Lucy A. Snyder
  • Fault Lines – Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon (novelette)
  • Jaded Winds – Rena Mason
  • Tears of the Dragon – Michael McBride
  • Phantom on the Ice – Erinn L. Kemper
  • Night Soliloquy – Sydney Leigh
  • Broken Lady – Gene O’Neill
  • Tales the Ashes Tale – Gary A. Braunbeck (novelette)


  • Superior Achievement in an Anthology / Bram Stoker Awards ® – Winner: Editor, Michael Bailey
  • Superior Achievement in Long Fiction / Bram Stoker Awards ® – Nomination: “Special Collections” by Norman Partridge
  • International Book Awards, Winner – Anthologies

Qualia Nous

Qualia Nous – $16.95 (fiction/poetry; 448 pages). Published independently by Written Backwards.

A literary blend of science fiction and horror, Qualia Nous contains short stories, novelettes, and poetry from established authors and newcomers from around the world. With an introduction to binary by Michael Bailey.



  • The Jaunt – Stephen King
  • The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family – Usman T. Malik
  • The Shaking Man – Gene O’Neill
  • Dyscrasia – Ashlee Scheuerman
  • The Rondelium Girl of Rue Marseilles – Emily B. Cataneo
  • The Angel Chaser – Erik T. Johnson
  • Psychic Shock – Ian Shoebridge
  • Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo – D.J. Cockburn
  • Second Chance – John R. Little
  • The Effigies of Tamber Square – Jon Michael Kelley
  • Shades of Naught – Lori Michelle
  • The Price of Faces – James Chambers
  • Simulacrum – Jason V Brock (novelette)
  • Lead Me to Multiplicity – Peter Hagelslag
  • Cataldo’s Copy – Christian A. Larsen
  • The Neighborhood Has a Barbecue – Max Booth III
  • Tomorrow’s Femme (poem) – Marge Simon
  • The Jenny Store – Richard Thomas
  • Night Guard – Erinn L. Kemper
  • A New Man – William F. Nolan
  • Voyeur – John Everson
  • Kilroy Wasn’t There – Pat R. Steiner
  • In the Nothing-Space, I Am What You Made Me – Paul Michael Anderson
  • Dura Mater – Lucy A. Snyder
  • Ruminations – Rena Mason
  • Good and Faithful Servant – Thomas F. Monteleone
  • Twelve Kilos – Patrick Freivald
  • Breathe You In Me – Mason Ian Bundschuh
  • 18P37-C, After Andrea Was Arrested – Elizabeth Massie
  • No Fixed Address – Gary A. Braunbeck


  • Shutdown (poem) – Marge Simon


  • Superior Achievement in an Anthology / Bram Stoker Awards ® – Nomination: Editor, Michael Bailey
  • Superior Achievement in Short Fiction / Bram Stoker Awards ® – Winner: “Ruminations” by Rena Mason
  • Superior Achievement in Short Fiction / Bram Stoker Awards ® – Winner: “The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family” by Usman T. Malik
  • Benjamin Franklin Awards, Gold Winner – Science Fiction
  • ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year / IndieFAB – Finalist 
  • Nebula Awards ® (SFWA): Nomination: “Vaporization Enthalpy…” by Usman T. Malik 
  • Rhysling Award (SFPA): Nomination: “Shutdown” by Marge Simon
  • Independent Publisher Book Awards, Silver Medal – Horror
  • Indie Book Awards, Finalist – Anthologies, and Finalist – Science Fiction 
  • International Book Awards, Winner – Science Fiction
  • USA Best Book Awards, Finalist – Anthologies


Chiral Mad 2 – $14.95 (fiction; 424 pages). Published independently by Written Backwards.

An anthology of psychological horror by Written Backwards, published in December 2013. It contains twenty-eight short stories by established authors and newcomers from around the world, as well as an intro/outro by Michael Bailey. All profit from sales of this anthology will go directly to Down syndrome charities.


  • Another Man’s Bones – Mason Ian Bundschuh
  • Mnemonicide – James Chambers
  • Flowers Blooming in the Season of Atrophy
  • The Counselor – Mort Castle
  • Dear Boy – John Biggs
  • Interference – Andrew Hook
  • Picture-in-Picture – Dustin LaValley
  • When I Was – Thomas F. Monteleone
  • Tight Partners – Gene O’Neill
  • Approaching Lavendar – Lucy A. Snyder
  • Orange is for Anguish, Blue for Insanity – David Morrell (novelette)
  • In the Eyes of the Beholder – Ann K. Boyer
  • Empathy – John Skipp
  • Versions – E.L. Kemper
  • The Tended Fields of Eido Yamata – Jon Michael Kelley
  • Playing with Fire – Richard Thomas
  • Indian Summer – Philip C. Perron
  • Blood Women – Usman T. Malik
  • Whitechapel – P. Gardner Goldsmith
  • The Chute – Gary McMahon
  • Scavenging – Kevin Lucia
  • The Word – Ramsey Campbell (novelette)
  • Welcome Home, All You Uninvited – Erik T. Johnson
  • The Geminis – John Palisano
  • A Guide to Etiquette and Comportment for the Sisters of Henley House – Emily B. Cataneo
  • The Right Thing – Jack Ketchum
  • Passing Affliction – Patrick O’Neill
  • The Great Pity – Gary A. Braunbeck (novelette)


  • Superior Achievement in Long Fiction / Bram Stoker Awards ®, “The Great Pity” by Gary A. Braunbeck – Winner
  • Superior Achievement in Short Fiction / Bram Stoker Awards ®, “The Geminis” by John Palisano  – Nominee
  • ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year, Finalist – Horror
  • Independent Publisher Book Awards, Silver – Fiction: Horror 
  • Paris Book Festival, Runner-Up – Compilations/Anthologies 
  • Indie Book Awards, Winner – Anthology 
  • International Book Awards, Winner – Anthologies 
  • USA Best Book Awards, Winner – Anthologies 


“Michael Bailey’s become one great editor. Rock-solid.” – Jack Ketchum

“Following the well-received first volume, Chiral Mad 2 is a mega-anthology of psychological horror (more than 400 pages) assembling mostly original stories by both established masters of the genre and newcomers.” – Horror World (Mario Guslandi)

“The long anticipated release of the second in the “Chiral Mad” series has at last arrived! The creators have once again achieved a grand success with Chiral Mad 2. Each story lends its uniquely intrinsic touch to set your nerves on edge. I should credit the brilliant editor of this masterpiece… Yours is the creative mind at its best! Chiral Mad 2 speaks to us on a level of intellectual horror. These are not your average works precipitating the need to leave the lights on. These stories relate to the horrors buried deep within us all. Pick up your copy of this book and feed your senses with a new form of horror that only Chiral Mad 2 can provide.” – Hellnotes (Russ Thompson)

“This volume, the second in the series, offers 28 short stories written by authors from all over the world—from veteran award-winners (such as Jack Ketchum, author of the famous 1989 horror novel The Girl Next Door) to the greenest neophytes. With such an eclectic group of writers, whose styles and voices range from quietly intense to literally thrilling, there’s bound to be something here for everyone. An entertaining horror-story collection that helps a good cause.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Bailey (Palindrome Hannah) builds on the success of his previous anthology, Chiral Mad. The central theme of chirality—in chemistry, the term ‘chiral’ refers to a molecule that is not symmetrical—seems particularly apropos to a volume on psychological horror, as it hints at a fundamental incoherence or irresoluble conflict of perception and reality, of personality and the external. Appropriately for a horror anthology, in his introduction, Bailey employs the imagery of teeth seizing the reader. Given the caliber of this winning collection, readers won’t mind being bitten.” – Publishers Weekly

“Michael Bailey not only put out a great collection of short stories here, he jam-packed it with so many incredible authors, one cannot help but get excited upon opening to the Table of Contents. All of the stories were well written, intelligent, and intrigued this reader’s mind.” – Kenneth W. Cain.

“This is a great anthology of stories for an excellent cause. It’s always nice when authors get together for a charity they believe in, and it’s even better when all the stories are enjoyable. The book has a nice variety of unsettling stories, many of which I thought had surrealistic qualities. I highly recommend this book.” – Rena Mason

Michael Bailey’s become one great editor. Rock-solid” – Jack Ketchum




Chiral Mad – $14.95 (fiction; 374 pages; introduction by Thomas F. Monteleone). Published independently by Written Backwards.

An anthology of psychological horror by Written Backwards, published in October 2012. It contains twenty-eight short stories by established authors and newcomers from around the world, as well as an introduction by Thomas F. Monteleone. All profit from sales of this anthology will go directly to Down syndrome charities.


Introduction by Thomas F. Monteleone


  • Indie Book Awards, Finalist – Anthology
  • USA Best Book Awards, Finalist – Anthologies: Fiction
  • USA Best Book Awards, Finalist – Cover Design: Fiction
  • Halloween Book Festival, Honorable Mention
  • ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year, Finalist – Horror
  • This is Horror Anthology of the Year, Runner-Up 
  • Eric Hoffer Book Award, Grand Prize Short List / Finalist
  • London Book Festival, Winner – Compilations / Anthologies
  • International Book Awards, Winner – Fiction: Anthologies 


“’Chirality’ is, by definition, an object of system that does not match up to its mirror image. Hands are a common example of this. And we all know ‘mad’ to mean insane or mentally ill. The two words that title this brilliant anthology basically tell you that these tales of varying madness and insanities will not be like anything you’ve read before. More than a title, it is a promise and one that is delivered upon. None of these stories are bad. Not a single one. Some resonated with me more than others, but that is to be expected. The writing is topnotch, and the subject matter is widely varied and innovative. These folks dug their toes in and went for big game. They have trophies to show for it. I applaud Michael Bailey for publishing this.” – Shock Totem (John Boden)

“By purchasing this book not only will you help a worthy charity, but you will do yourself a great favor by securing many hours of excellent, fascinating reading.” – SFRevu (Mario Guslandi)

“Have you ever read a story that is subtly unsettling? A story that dislodges you from an anchored sense of time and place and leaves you feeling fascinated but somehow wrong? This collection is full of stories like that. These short stories do not present a full-frontal assault. They are sneaky, luring you in before crawling under your skin. Built around the idea of chirality, when something is not identical to its mirror image, this book focuses heavily on scenarios in which reality is obfuscated: dreams, hallucinations, unknown identities. This is the perfect book for fans of psychological horror, people who like to be truly bothered rather than splashed with blood and gore. Plus, with all proceeds going to Down syndrome charities, buying Chiral Mad positively affects the world before negatively affecting your psyche.” – San Francisco Book Review

“So much of Chiral Mad is not what it seems. Filled with unreliable narrators, nightmarish visions, themes of mental illness and explorative tales which trawl the dark regions of the human psyche, this collection edited by award-winning author (and contributor) Michael Bailey is a must-read for horror fans of every ilk. With each short story offering something original to the psychological horror subgenre, readers will find themselves well rewarded should they pick up this surprisingly solid, darkly disturbing read. Get your claws on a copy of this book.” – Rue Morgue Magazine (Jessa Sobczuk)

“This unsettling collection of twenty-eight dark tales features both the work of established authors and promising new writers. Each story offers a unique glimpse into a world that bears a striking resemblance to our own, yet suffers from a palpable dissonance that stays with the reader long after the book has been set aside. From the empowered dreams of a comatose boy, to the collective responsibility for an impoverished family’s tragic end, to a pregnant mother’s terrifying realization, each story inspires fear, both blatant and subtle, yet always thought provoking.” – The US Review of Books

“Horror—the psychological monster that lives within us all—is the focus of editor Bailey’s latest short-story anthology. The 28 stories here explore the topics of horror and madness. The collection works well as a glimpse into the lives of people entering or already inhabiting the soul of darkness. A compilation of entertaining, if often disturbing, stories.” – Kirkus Reviews



Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00094]

[ currently unavailable, new edition coming soon ]

Pellucid Lunacy – Out of print (fiction; 196 pages). Published independently by Written Backwards.

An anthology of psychological horror and published by Written Backwards in October of 2010. It contains twenty short stories by unknown and established authors around the world. All profit from Pellucid Lunacy has and will forever be donated to charities fighting Breast Cancer and Downs Syndrome. To date, over $2,300 has been donated.


  • The Other Side of the Glass – Rick McQuiston
  • Here You Come Again – Julian Cantella
  • Locked Up – Kia Storm
  • What the Walrus Hears – Jim Ehmann
  • The Inconsolable Key Company – Erik T. Johnson
  • Eraser – Jay MacLeod
  • Sweaters – Dan Piorkowski
  • Moonman – Kristine Ong Muslim
  • Behind the Walls – Amanda Larson
  • Creature – A.J. French
  • Sometimes They Hunt – Chris Hertz
  • Sizzle – Weldon Burge
  • I Wanted Black – Michael Bailey
  • This Blasphemous Mockery – Lee Clark Zumpe
  • Gasoline – S.C. Hayden
  • With Rising Alarm – Lawrence Conquest
  • Newton’s Third Law – Frisco Macae
  • The Truth Box – David Jordan
  • Always With Me – Cynthia Witherspoon
  • Broken Reflections – Amanda Pillar


  • International Book Awards, Winner – Anthology
  • USA Best Book Awards – Fiction: Anthologies


“Insanity wears many masks. This is the apparent theme of the fine collection of twenty stories. Every story in Pellucid Lunacy is a gem and the diversity of voices and styles is impressive. If you love stories focused on madness and twisted humanity, be sure to put this anthology on your ‘must-read’ list.” – Suspense Magazine (Weldon Burge)

“Though Pellucid Lunacy is a slim volume, it nevertheless packs a wallop! This gem of a book is a collection of 20 short stories. There is something for every taste. The stories run the gamut from speculative horror to the more traditional to mind-melting guilt. I read the entire book in a couple of hours and was quite sorry when I turned the final page. Michael Bailey is someone to keep an eye on. He will find his way to the top of the genre in short order, and it’s a place he deserves. Pick up a copy of Pellucid Lunacy and under your favorite quilt, in front of a roaring fireplace with your beverage of choice, shiver the night away.” – Shroud Magazine (Carson Buckingham)


Michael Bailey was interviewed in a three-page spread for the March 2010 issue of Suspense Magazine. You can read the entire article here.


The cover artwork was designed by Michael Bailey. Originally an oil painting on canvas, it was later modified digitally into its current state. The image depicts an arachnid skeleton, which makes an appearance in Psychotropic Dragon.



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