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BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN, the debut fiction collection by Paul Michael Anderson, is available in trade paperback for $16.95, or eBook for $4.95. Fiction; 426 pages; 9×6 format; illustrations and cover artwork by Pat R. Steiner; introduction by Damien Angelica Walters; afterword by Bracken MacLeod.

Fourteen stories from the intersection of pain and anxiety, rage and fear. On a Nevada highway, a vampire familiar loses faith. At the edge of known space, a man drives himself insane. A would-be mother hears the sounds of a child from another dimension. A piece of stained glass might be all that stands between us and the end of the world. Triumph and tragedy, terror and transformation, are realized in the stories of Bones Are Made to Be Broken.

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YES TRESPASSING, the debut fiction collection by Erik T. Johnson, is available in trade paperback for $16.95, or eBook for $4.95. Fiction; 436 pages; 9×6 format; doodles and insanity by Erik T. Johnson; introduction by John F.D. Taff.

Twenty-five, or maybe twenty-six or -seven or perhaps twenty-eight (let’s say it’s twenty-eight) individual works by Erik T. Johnson, some previously-published, some appearing in this book for the first time, stories like “The Leaf” and “Krug’s Pen,” “The Depopulation Syndrome,” “The Invention of the Mask” (which you can find on the front cover), “The Depopulation Syndrome” and the novella Scissors Seldom Come. Trespass. Read the horror, the wonder, the mindscrewing. This book will change you.

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INKBLOTS AND BLOOD SPOTS, a fiction and poetry collection by Michael Bailey, is available in trade paperback for $12.95, or eBook for $4.95. Fiction / poetry; 286 pages; 8×5 format; illustrations and cover artwork by Daniele Serra; introduction by Douglas E. Winter. This book was originally published by Villipede Publications. This second edition trade paperback and eBook are now published by Written Backwards.

From the mind of award-winning author and editor Michael Bailey comes Inkblots and Blood Spots, a painfully beautiful collection of short stories and poetry that reaches deep into the imagination, breaking hearts and boundaries along the way …


Stories include the Bram Stoker nominated “Fireman / Primal Tongue,” which also received an Honorable Mention for Year’s Best Horror; “Dandelion Clocks,” a haunting, melodic tribute to the tragedy of 9/11; “I Wanted Black,” where a young boy’s birthday is anything but cause to celebrate; “Mum,” a tale of two sisters unfolding like the bandages on their mother’s badly burned body. Take a surreal stroll through a carnival in “Underwater Ferris Wheel,” where the biggest attraction may be your last ride; witness a pregnant woman’s harrowing encounter with soul-stealing faerie in “Not the Child”; and find out why it gets cold in a little girl’s room at night when she sees “A Light in the Closet.”

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SCALES AND PETALS, the debut fiction and poetry collection by Michael Bailey, is available in trade paperback for $12.95, or eBook for $4.95. Fiction / poetry; 242 pages; 8×5 format; cover artwork by John Hornor Jacobs. The print edition includes a bonus graphic adaptation of the story “Plasty,” in collaboration with artist L.A. Spooner, as well as three previously unpublished flash fiction pieces.

Between writing the novels Palindrome Hannah and Phoenix Rose, Michael Bailey penned and published a number of these dark short fiction and poetry pieces, some of which can be found in literary magazines and  anthologies  around the world.  A few of these fallen dragon scales and flower petals, as he likes to call them, are reprinted here, while others are seeing print for the first time, hand selected and arranged by the author. Once you crack the spine, there’s no going back.

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