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If you feel like making a donation to Written Backwards (even just a dollar), know that your money will be going to a good cause: helping an independent writer, editor, and publisher survive in this cruel world.


Written Backwards can be contacted via email at, or reached on social media at or, although the press is not open to submissions at this time.

Michael Bailey is currently unavailable for freelance editing and/or book design at this time. Email for more information.

Typically, quotes are determined on a case-by-case basis, but editing runs flat-rate at $2.00 per page (250 words). Basically, take your word-count (rounded to the nearest hundred), divide that by 250, multiply by $2, and you’ve got yourself a quote. Simple proofreading services are also available at $0.50 per page (250 words). Book design services includes interior formatting (print and/or eBook) as well as cover layout, in industry standard, publish-ready formats: LightningSource, CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Nook, etc. Complete book design averages $500 per project (interior & cover files for all editions), or individually: $350 for print, $150 for eBook. If you like the look of Written Backwards titles, book cover design is also available, but on a case-by-case basis.


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